Outlook Blue Cut Coating

Outlook Blue Light Defense Lens

What is Blue Cut Coating?

Outlook Blue Light Defense Lenses are designed to provide your eyes with the ultimate protection.  In addition to its UV protection, it employs a unique coating that reflects the unwanted blue light which cause eye strains and thus enhancing visual comfort and color contrast.


Blue Cut (960x234)

Outlook Blue Defense lenses were effective in reducing blue light by up to 20% as compared to standard lenses. 

Blue Cut Coating Includes:

  • Blue Defense Coating.
  • Premium AR Coating.
  • Oleophobic Coating.
  • Hydrophobic Coating
  • UV400 Protection.

Blue Cut Lens Total Solution:

    • Single Vision Lenses.
    • HD Digital Freeform Bifocal Lenses.
    • HD Digital Freeform Progressive Lenses.
    • Transition/Photochromic Lenses.

Why Blue Cut Coating?

Blue light is emitted from the screens of digital devices (computers and mobile devices) and artificial lights.  Blue light posses wave length from 400nm to 500nm.  Blue light contributes little to our visual acuity as compare to other wavelengths.  Through extensive studies, eye strains, eye fatigue and headaches have been linked to the prolonged exposure to the blue light.

visible light enter

When visible light enters the eyes, the blue wavelength is focus in front of the retina.  This causes the eye constantly try to maintain its focus and adds significant pressure to the eye’s energy expenditure.  If reduced, it can greatly alleviate eye strains without compromising visual acuity.

with blue cut 

With the advent of blue light reduction lenses, these lenses reflect the unwanted blue light with the use of unique coating allowing you to enjoy the benefits of eye protection with enhanced color contrast and reduced eye strains in a totally new visual experience.