Measure PD

Measure PD

It is your right to get your PD from your eye doctor.

The PD is the distance between your pupils.  It ensures the correct centration of your prescription lenses in front of your eyes. 



If you don't have the PD on your prescription, you can ask your friend to measure it for you.  It is the easiest way to measureyour PD

1.  Put a glasses on.   Ask your friend sit opposite you at the same height and use a non permanent pen to mark your lenses the position of your pupils.

2.  Take off the glasses and measure the distance between the two markings.  If the measurment is 6.2cm, the PD is 62mm.

    • If your eye doctor give you two numbers "62/59" for example, "62mm" is your distance PD for distance vision and "59mm" is your near PD for near vision.
    • Occasionally, PD is written as 30/32.  "30" is Mono Right, "32" is Mono Left, and your PD is 62mm.  (30+32=62)

We highly recommend you to get your PD from your optometrist if you have a high power or you are going to to order Rx (prescription) eyeglasses. 

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US by phone or email.