How to Order Eyeglasses Online

Five Steps to Order Eyeglasses Online

Ordering eyeglasses at is easy.  We provide very detail information and useful tools to guide you step-by-step.

Step 1:  (Get Your PD)

PD is the distance between your pupils.  It is very important  to get your PD from your optometrist or eye doctor.  If you don't have the PD, you also can go to  "MEASURE PD" section and do it by yourself.

Step 2:  (Select Prescription Type)

    (for detail information, please check "READ YOUR PRESCRIPTION" )

Check with your eye doctor about your prescription type such as Single Vision, Bifocal or Progressive.

Single Vision:  It has one fixed focus point and can be used for driving (far distance), working on the computer (intermediate distance) or reading papers, document, etc.

Bifocal FT-28: It has two distinct optical powers with "D" shape on the lens.  It is used for both the near-vision and distance correction.

Blended Bifocal:  A blended bifocal is a bifocal but with the periphery of the segment "smeared" over the lens. The smearing is for cosmetic effect only and has no optical function.

Progressive:  It provides a smooth transition from distance through intermediate to near vision.

Step 3:  (Select a Right Frame)

    (For detail information, please check "SELECT A RIGHT FRAME")

You can use the refining tool on the left hand side to select from Frame Type, Frame Size, Frame Shape and material.  If you have any question, you can move your mouse to the (info) area for detail explannation.   Add all of your favoriate frames to "My Favoriate".  Use our online Try On feature to select the most appropriate frame.

Step 4:  (Enter Your Prescription)

  (For detail information, please check "READ YOUR PRESCRIPTION")

It is easy to enter your prescription online. If you have any questions, you can check at "How to Read Your Prescription" section.

Step 5:  (Pick Your Lens & Coating)

  (For detail information, please check "SELECT RIGHT LENS AND COATING")

The last step is to pick your lens.  If you have no idea about which lens is suitable for you, please check our "Select Right Lens & Coating".

If you have any question, move your mouse to the (info) near each specific area for detail explannation, or you can CONTACT US by phone or email.